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Capital ​feminino​​

what do girls really want? equality.

Know your worth is more than your virginity.

No child left behind

Do you feel too comfortable with the right to remain silent?


...The quickest way to silence a mouth is to treat it as if none had come before.


This spoken word duel waxed poetic on only a handful of issues that affect our country's youth. Their quote, seen above, encompasses the struggle we face: complacency. We need to start asking questions and redefine our world.


Do you relate to people you see in the media?


Understand that this omission is a form of social control. The lack of minorities in the media -- whether based on sexual, racial, gender, or social standings -- reveals society's lack of respect and recognition.


Be threatening. Be provacative. Be inspired. Be yourself

Capital Feminino - Female Currency
In rural Mexico, women are valued for their chastity. A woman's future relied on her ability to maintain her virginity until marriage; her social status and family honor were at stake. According to Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez's research, virginity symbolizes decency, moral integrity, moral responsibility, and respect for oneself and for the family (especially the parents)1. Women shouldn't be oppressed with that sexual double standard. Besides that, we are worth more than our virginity! Know that you're the only one in charge of your life -- mentally, physically, sexually, and emotionally.
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